Real Estate Foreclosures and Transactions

Atlanta, Georgia

Real Estate Foreclosures

Real Estate Foreclosures are very complicated legal proceedings, subject to numerous rules and regulations. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations may result in the dismissal of the proceeding at a substantial loss of time and money to the secured lender. The secured lender needs experienced legal counsel to avoid these land mines. Our real estate attorneys assist clients in negotiating settlements and alternative resolutions to foreclosures, including workouts, and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. Rachelson & White's lawyers have the necessary experience with all aspects of real estate foreclosures, from the initiation of the action to the final sale of the property.

Real Estate Litigation

The attorneys of Rachelson & White have extensive experience litigating a wide range of disputes involving real property. Our litigators represent clients throughout the State of Georgia and the Southeast in matters relating to construction, sale, use and ownership of real estate, with a major emphasis in construction, mechanics liens, and title insurance claims and coverage issues. We regularly represent builders, suppliers, contractors, title companies, real estate investors, brokers, mortgage companies, and institutional lenders, in all aspects of their real estate businesses. The wide range of real property our attorneys regularly handle include: disputes involving the construction of residential and commercial developments, contract disputes for construction projects, title issues including disputes over easements, boundary lines, ownership interest, adverse possession, and quiet title, eminent domain disputes, disputes over real estate purchase agreements including actions for damages and specific performance, construction and materialmen lien disputes, title insurance claims, premises liability actions, mortgage foreclosure actions, landlord tenant disputes.

Title Insurance Law and Litigation

Our attorneys have vast experience in handling all aspects of title insurance claims on behalf of parties insured under a title insurance contract as well as title insurance companies and their efforts to recover losses. For insured lenders, our attorneys have been successful in resolving defects in the execution of loan documents, the invalidity or unenforceability of security deeds, the failure of priority of title, the unmarketability, defects, liens or encumbrances, the absence of a right-of-access in the invalidity or unenforceability of assignments. For insured owners, our attorneys have had success in representing clients securing access by virtue of a private way, desman rights, boundary disputes, survey disputes, encroachments, ejectment, rights of use, covenants and restrictions, fraud, and forgery. On behalf of title insurance companies, our attorneys have successfully recovered losses against attorneys and title examiners for their professional negligence in connection with property transactions.

Quiet Title Actions

Our attorneys have brought and defended quiet title and condemnation cases involving property all over Georgia, involving a wide range of issues including tax sales, fraudulent conveyances, forged deeds, adverse possession, oral gifts, lost deeds, competing chains of title, overlapping legal descriptions, erroneous legal descriptions, gore and gap issues, and utility and transportation easements.


Our attorneys have handled a wide range of condemnation actions, including public taking evaluation disputes, inverse condemnation actions, and wrongful condemnation.