Bankruptcy and Replevin Law

Atlanta, Georgia

In today's volatile economy, more individuals and businesses choose bankruptcy as a solution to their financial problems. At Rachelson & White, our bankruptcy attorneys have extensive experience in the representation of secured and unsecured creditors in all types of bankruptcy matters. Our creditor clients understand that a bankruptcy filing does not necessarily extinguish all of the rights they may have to recover the amounts owed to them.

Rachelson & White's attorneys and staff understand that bankruptcy law is full of potential pitfalls and dead ends, and we are experts at helping our clients navigate these difficult areas. Timeliness is of the essence with the many short deadlines imposed by the Bankruptcy Code and  Rules. Our attorneys and staff give the highest priority to such deadlines and to communicating with our clients regarding the important events in the life of a bankruptcy.

Our personal property foreclosure and replevin practice allows us to protect your interests both before and after bankruptcy proceedings. Replevin cases can present numerous difficulties and complications that can impede the success of a case. We have the experience to assist our clients in the recovery of property and in identifying and locating the available assets from both secured and unsecured lenders. And once we have identified these assets, we obtain the necessary writs and work to recover the property quickly and efficiently.